ChildCare Vouchers

Terms and Conditions for Childcare Providers


The childcarer agrees to:


1.† †††† Provide information, as requested by PerkUp in relation to the operation of the childcare voucher scheme;

2.† †††† Accept vouchers as payment for its childcare service but not deal in them for any other reason;

3.† †††† Ensure that the value of the vouchers paid by ClariCare is allocated entirely to the cost of childcare provided to the named employee (which may be less than the cost of the childcare);

4.† †††† Keep complete records of all transactions involving PerkUp vouchers;

5.† †††† Have and maintain a UK bank account which can receive BACS payments and provide details of the bank account to ClariCare.† Any changes must be notified to  PerkUp with a minimum of 14 days notice;

6.† †††† Accept full responsibility and any costs associated with providing the wrong bank account details;

7.† †††† Provide a copy of your registration certificate, which will be the last one issued to you by the relevant approval body;

8.† †††† Provide full details to PerkUp of any changes to your registration status;

9.† †††† Take full responsibility for informing PerkUp of any changes to your bank account, any costs incurred by PerkUp may be charged to you;

10.†††† If you are paid funds in error you agree to return payment immediately to PerkUp without charge within a reasonable timescale;

11.†††† Raise any administration queries by email to


Confidentiality & Data Protection

The childcarer agrees not to use or communicate any confidential information regarding PerkUp that has been acquired through participation in the PerkUp voucher scheme.† The childcarer shall comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and process data only as necessary to administer the PerkUp voucher scheme and not use it to compete or to promote its own or a third party business.


Registration with OFSTED and other legal requirements

The childcarer confirms that all requirements necessary to operate legally have been complied with and that registration particulars given are correct.† The childcarer shall immediately give notice in writing to the other PerkUp and the parent if the child carerís registration with the appropriate authorities as a provider of childcare expires or is terminated, or if they are convicted of any criminal offence (other than a road traffic offence) and in these circumstances any party may terminate this agreement forthwith.